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Create a safe and kid-friendly environment on your computer


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As time goes by, younger and younger children are using technology and computers, so you have to protect them while still letting them explore this new field of knowledge.

Magic Desktop is a tool that creates a safe environment where children can start to explore this world. With a very simple design, this program converts Windows into a system appropriate for little ones, including a very safe browser, a collection of games, and various applications so that they can learn how to use the computer while having fun at the same time.

The Magic Desktop browser allows you to select children's favorite pages so that they can only visit the sites that you have approved. You can control what the kids see and relax knowing that all of that content is appropriate for their age.

In addition, this environment protects not only children, but also their parents. Magic Desktop protects files, data, and important system settings to avoid accidental changes that could cause problems with the device.

The children cannot switch out of the Magic Desktop and access Windows, as the program allows you to establish a master password that you have to enter in order to leave the Magic Desktop.
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